Justin Bieber Turns 22-Years-Old Today, Let’s Celebrate His Career By Revisiting His Best (And Worst) Moments (VIDEO)


Today is a special day, and I’m not just saying that because I poured the perfect amount of almond milk inside my bowl of oatmeal this morning. March 1 is a special day because it’s Justin Bieber’s birthday. The 22-year-old singer entered the world back on March 1, 1994.

In just 22 short years, Justin Bieber has managed to make the world fall in love with him, then fall out of love with him briefly before falling back in love with him again. He’s the first love that you can never shake from your brain, and we’re going to make things even more difficult for you today.

Below, you will find videos showcasing his career in the entertainment world. Some videos (the early ones) will be adorable, and a few of them will show what a loaded bank account/ego can do to an impressionable teenager.

Check out the madness below, and be sure to wish Justin Bieber a happy birthday on his Twitter account!


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