Hey America! Donald Trump Just Bragged About Having A Big Penis During Latest Debate (VIDEO)


We try to stay away from politics on this site just like we try to stay away from religion. Two things that have (or had?) the opportunity to be wonderful, but instead have turned mostly evil thanks to the people in charge. Power is a disgusting thing.

And no one likes power more than Donald Trump. He probably makes his wife call him, “Mr. Power” while they’re having sex. Oh, and you can bet they are having loads of sex, because according to the man himself, he has a huuuuuge penis.

How could we possibly know this information? Well, he said it during a freaking debate. The republican debates are now mirroring arguments you had with your friends back in middle school. I honestly thought someone was going to pull out the, “YEAH? WELL, WELL, WELL…YOU DEBATE LIKE A GIRL!” card.

Take a look at the short clip below to see Trump talking about his penis during a presidential debate…



The saddest thing about this whole thing? That’s going to win him more votes. He knows how to play the game and that’s why he’s winning.

Clinton vs. Trump…are there really any winners here?