“That’s So Raven” Star Orlando Brown Sits Down For The Strangest Interview Ever…Breaks Down Crying (VIDEO)


Oh, man. If you saw this coming Raven, why the hell didn’t you stop it? Orlando Brown has been making the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Last month, we told you about his latest arrest after he allegedly hit his girlfriend in a police station parking lot.

And more recently he’s made headlines for the bizarre, “It’s like Raven aborted my baby,” line in his new rap track. He tried to explain the lyric by saying, It’s clearly a play on words, and It’s a metaphor. Basically, what I mean by that is, y’all want me to go crazy, and then y’all mother f****** want to play a n****.”

Anyway, it’s been obvious for a long time that this dude needs some help. He’s clearly on some drugs, or maybe he’s coming off some serious drug use and he forgot how a normal human acts…I don’t know. Maybe it’s that mind control sh-t.

But something is definitely wrong. He sat down for a long interview with VLADTV, and it just might be the most bizarre thing you’ll see this week. You look at the video and see it’s almost 30-minutes long, and you’re like, “I ain’t got time for this!” But then you get sucked in and end up watching every single minute.

At one point, he starts crying, and then 20 seconds later he’s laughing hysterically again. That moment happens at around the 15:00 mark if you’re interested.

We wish him all the best. It’s reached the point now where it’s not fun to hate on him. You don’t kick a man when he’s down. And I think we can all agree Orlando is way down.