Is This Your New Fetish? Watch As Jimmy Fallon And Jake Gyllenhaal Spit Food At Each Other In Disturbing Sketch (VIDEO)


Some people hate him, and some people love him. But no one can deny the fact that Jimmy Fallon will do anything for a laugh. This includes letting Jake Gyllenhaal spit food at his face.

And yeah, we know there are probably a few girls out there who would love for Mr. Gyllenhaal to cover their face with bits of chewed up food, but most sane people are going to be completely disgusted by this sketch.

It starts out innocent enough with coffee and crackers, but then it gradually gets more disturbing as they move to dessert foods like milkshakes and sweet potato pie.

The 35-year-old actor, who has starred in some intense films recently like Nightcrawler and Prisoners, admitted this role might have been the most intense, “I’ve had some pretty intense roles but this was the most intense.” He said while taking a much-needed break from the madness.

Check it out below. Hopefully you’re not eating.



Gross. I know Fallon lives to entertain, but did he have to bring it down to this level? What’s next? Are we going to see a fart battle between Fallon and Tim Allen?

The line has been crossed.