Find Out What It Will Take For The L.A. Coroner To Reopen The Investigation Surrounding Brittany Murphy’s Death


There might be some hope for Brittany Murphy’s friends and family. If you’re a hardcore fan of TVST, you’ll remember an article we posted way back in 2013. In the article, we told you there seemed to be something fishy about Murphy’s death.

The official ruling on her death was “natural causes” from complications with pneumonia, anemia and accidental mix of prescription and over-the-counter medicine. However, you’ll remember that her father sued the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office in an attempt to get more toxicology reports. The lawsuit was dismissed, but he did end up getting Murphy’s blood, hair and tissues for independent testing.

The laboratory who did the testing found an “abnormally high” level of at least 10 heavy metals, including a substance commonly found in rat poison.

Of course, that seemed to confirm the family’s fears that Murphy had been poisoned by someone. But the coroner never bothered to do their own retest because, “Nothing showed to the point of poison. [The levels] weren’t off the charts, and the levels weren’t consistent with poison.”

That being said, L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told E! News that the death investigation could be opened again, but it would almost take a miracle.

We would have to have direct evidence. In all honesty, it would take something like a confession. Something connecting somebody with it.

Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen. And that’s a shame according to forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht. He reviewed the case for the investigation by E! News, and he believes they should at least check to see if those private lab results are valid, and if they are, where did the exposure come from?

You have two people—a husband and a wife—dying five months of each other. And, not engaging in any wild speculation, with two young people dying five months apart you’ve got to check it out, and I still don’t know what happened.