Wanya Week 2 DWTS

It’s Official. Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris Can Dance, Shows He’s the Real Deal on DWTS (Watch)


The genius of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is the casting.  Even if you are not a fan of the show or you just hate reality competition shows in general, they hope that there is one celebrity that captures your attention.  Depending on who you are and what you are into, your favorite star could be an actor, a singer, an athlete who knows?  The casting team just banks on the fact that the cross section of celebrities is diverse enough to draw in huge audiences and that emerging fan favorites are good enough to stay around long enough to draw you into the show.  Like I said, Genius!

This season for me it’s Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men.  I honestly still didn’t care.  I knew he was going to be on the show but had no interest until I saw his week one performance.   It was so good that I had to see how he would do on week two.  Thank God for Youtube and Hulu and TVST.  You don’t to sit through the long drawn out 2 hours just to see the 3 minutes that you have been waiting for.

It’s obvious from the clip that Wanya is taking this dance thing super seriously.  He has his eyes on that mirror ball trophy.  He said last week that he didn’t want to be known just as “the dude from Boyz II Men”, which is funny because that’s exactly how we referred to him.


In the first week he tied for first place scoring a23 out of 30 and this week during “Latin Night” he got a 30 out of 30.  He appears to be good because you don’t expect him to be that good.  That’s the phenomenon of TV.  We see a chunky 42 year old with a dad bod, and our expectations are instantly lowered.  Then Wanya gets busy and the crowd is blown away.  If you think I’m joking watch for yourself.  It also helps that his partner is smoking hot!!

WATCH NOW: Wanya’s week one performance