Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend Kehlani Survives Suicide Attempt After PND Posts Pics of Two Together on Social Media (Deleted Post Details)


This escalated quickly!  Honestly I was writing a post about PartyNextDoor’s bedroom when I saw Kehlani’s Instagram post come across my phone.  My humor driven post has now taken a more serious tone (for now).


It’s been almost a year since Jahron Anthony Brathwaite aka PartyNextDoor  and Kehlani Parrish officially broke things off.  The break up was very public; in fact it was so public that PND released a song about it called “Kehlani’s Freestyle”.  The song is basically PND admitting that he was a failed, crappy boyfriend.

Kehlani’s Freestyle:

After the break up, Kehlani started to date Kyrie Irving.  Yes that one; the 24 year old point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Things appeared to be going quite well as can be seen from this Valentine’s Day Instagram post.


If you read carefully, she says that she was “feeling incapable of being loved”,   feeling “unappreciated”.  She calls Kyrie “the greatest boyfriend of all time”.  Ahhhhhhh.  It must be true love right?  Not so fast.

As we all thought things were going smoothly and our boy Kyrie was concentrating on getting into the NBA Playoffs, PartyNextDoor decides to throw a monkey wrench in everything.  PND posted a photo on his Instagram that appeared to be Kehalni, lying in the bed with him and the caption of the pic read:

After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed.

Here is the pic that had Cleveland Cavalier fans losing their minds….(Read More)