Jessica Simpson In A Bikini In Mexico? Sure, Let’s Look At The Glorious Photos!

11 years ago, Jessica Simpson was responsible for so many crusty tissues in the world. The Dukes of Hazzard was a terrible movie, but it was still watched by millions because of Simpson’s incredible body. She was around 24 or 25-years-old when she filmed the seductive scene you see above.

Fast forward several years later, and now Simpson is 35-years-old and the proud mother of two children. And some people might believe her “bikini days” are behind her, but those people are wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

The fashion designer/singer/actress was spotted down in Mexico looking incredible in a bikini top and some jean shorts that remind us all of her Dukes of Hazzard days.



Not bad, right? And we have her stylist Nicole Chavez to thank for it. This Mexico trip is apparently a celebration for her birthday.

If you need more of Simpson (and you probably do) you can check out her Instagram account. She has been sharing several photos during the trip.

Here is a little taste before you click the link…