How Much? Tyga FINALLY Denies Car Repossession Allegations and We Learn The Staggering Cost of Leasing a Lambo and a Bentley!


As you know by now, this week it was reported by several media outlets that Tyga was having car issues again.  Not like you and I, his cars weren’t breaking down, they were breaking his bank.  Reports hit the gossip sites saying that he was getting his Lamborghini Aventador, which was purchased in 2013, repossessed.  It was also confirmed that his Bentley was repo’d back in February of this year.

Tyga jumped on twitter yesterday to personally deny the allegations.  He posted the following tweets:

Tyga tweets 14APR2016

For those of you who don’t know your Lambos from your Lampoons, a Hurracan is also a type of Lamborghini.  He was right about one thing…the cars did get sold.  After they were repossessed the bank sold them off and is going after Tyga for the money they were not able to collect.


Here is why I think Tyga is both lying and telling the truth.  We learned just how much it cost to finance these cars and specifically what his deal was with the finance company he used for the payment arrangements.  When it all shakes out, I’m pretty sure he can’t afford it.

According to website: Earn Your Necklace here is how Tyga is earning his money.

Source Estimated Earnings
Music Sales $3 million
Endorsements $800,000
Concerts $1.2 million
Salary from Kingin’ with Tyga $2 million
Estimated endorsement salary $200,000
Estimated annual salary $941,000
Current Tyga Net Worth $3 million

Here is how his net worth has been increasing over the last 5 years.

year Estimated Net Worth
2010 $1.5 million
2011 $1.6 million
2012 $1.8 million
2013 $2.1 million
2014 $2.6 million
2015 $3 million

To verify, Celebrity net worth, which is a little more reputable has Tyga at a $2 million net worth.

So let’s give Tyga the benefit of the doubt and go with the $3 million number.  As you can see his salary is just under $1 million per year.  (I’ve been writing about celebrities too long, I just put a “just” in front of $1 million).


Gossip cop talked with Choice Motor Credit and they claimed that Tyga financed the Lambo back in 2013 and had to make payments of $11,520.10 per month for seven years.  He’s fallen far behind on these payments.

The same Credit Union says they financed Tyga’s 2014 Bentley Mulsanne in March of last year.  That cost him $5,966 a month for a total of 73 months.  Between those two cars he was obligated to pay $17,486 per month which is $209,832 per year.


Despite what the media reported, this house was rented. The house is located at 25212 Prado Del Misterio, in Calabasas.  Justin Bieber and Drake both live nearby.  However, both Bieber and Drake can easily afford to live there Tyga…not so much.  Despite what he might like you to think, he’s not about that life.  According to Zillow.com the rent estimate on that address is $45,000 per month.  Yep, that’s right.  Probably more then half your annual salary.

So between the two cars and rent Tyga is shelling out $62,486 per month.  That is $749,832 per year.  This is how much it costs him to just sit in his house, butt-naked on the floor, with his car keys in his hand.  For that amount he can’t go anywhere, eat anything, maintain the property and he’s definitely not making it rain at any strip club; not even a drizzle.  You can quickly see how and why he is in all the financial trouble he’s in.

The only difference between Tyga and other young foolish rappers is that Tyga has a reitirement plan.  It’s a called a G.K.P.  (Get Kylie Pregnant).  Once he does that, he will be set for life.