Kelly Ripa Is FURIOUS, Sources Say She Had No Idea Co-Host Michael Strahan Was Leaving Show To Join ‘GMA’


Has your grandmother called you to tell you how disappointed she is? If not, there is a chance you still haven’t heard the shocking news. Michael Strahan will be leaving ‘Live! with Kelly‘ to join ‘Good Morning America‘ full time. As some of you may know, the retired NFL star had been appearing on GMA as a side gig just two days a week.

No one at ‘Live!’ expected him to join the GMA crew full time. Not even boss Michael Gelman. Both he and Kelly Ripa were completely shocked when they found out in a meeting following Tuesday’s show.

“They were shocked. They were surprised,” sources confirmed to the New York Daily News. Apparently, it was the top dogs at ABC who broke the news during the meeting. Strahan wasn’t even required to be there, but he wanted to show respect for Kelly.


However, we’re not so sure she’s feeling the love right now. TMZ sources say Kelly is furious right now, and most of her anger is directed toward ABC. She doesn’t like how they handled the situation, and she believes it’s a clear sign they don’t really care about the show anymore. They are too focused on bringing GMA’s ratings up, and this Strahan move proves that.

We’re not sure what this means for the future of Kelly’s show, but it’s not looking good. The relationship between her and the network is obviously damaged right now. It’s being reported that Strahan’s last day on Live! will be sometime in August.

He’ll start working full time on GMA in September.