Kelly Ripa Leaves Her Own Show! Michael Strahan Forced To Host Show With Surprise Guest (VIDEO)


Drama alert! As we reported yesterday, Kelly Ripa was furious with her bosses at ABC for dropping the Michael Strahan bomb on her without warning. She found out he was leaving the show exactly when the public did, and that is not okay with her.

And to make a point, Ripa has apparently decided not to show up for work. She did not show up on Wednesday, and Strahan (who will be leaving in September) was forced to host the show with actress Ana Gasteyer. He didn’t talk much about Ripa’s absence, but he did talk a little about his departure.

Check out the short clip below…



We must give him some credit. He made that less awkward than it could have been, and with all the drama going on behind the show, he managed to get the audience laughing. Well done, Michael. We can see why Good Morning America wants you full time.

That being said, we can also see why Kelly is pissed. She’s been working on this show for over a decade and it sounds like she’s not getting the respect she deserves. We don’t blame her for taking a little time off. She might be trying to decide if returning to the show and trying to make it work is worth it anymore.

There are multiple sources reporting on this story and they’re all saying something different. A few sources claim Kelly is refusing to come back until Strahan leaves. A few other sources say she has nothing against Strahan, and she’s only doing this to get back at the network.

Of course, it could be a combination of things. She’s not expected to return until next Tuesday, but she was already scheduled to take vacation on Friday and Monday. It looks like she just decided to take the vacation a little earlier than expected.

We’ll see if she returns next week. Honestly, this added drama is probably all for ratings. Do you know how many people will watch the show on Tuesday if/when she returns?