WOOOO! We’re All Trippin’ Out Over Ric Flair’s Bizarre Behavior At Boston Airport (PHOTOS)


Just imagine you’re walking around the airport, trying to kill a little bit of time before your flight, and you see Ric Flair stumbling toward you with a nasty cut on his head?

What would you do? Honestly, I’d probably start running because I wouldn’t want to meet the person who was brave enough to attack the master of wooos. But a few people inside Logan International Airport are obviously more hardcore than me because they stuck around to take photos of a groggy looking Mr. Flair.


Sources inside the airport claim the WWE legend appeared to be drunk after hitting up Lucky’s Lounge inside the airport Wednesday morning. One witness told TMZ that he was “having a tough time” just walking a few steps, and we believe it from the photos being shared online today.

But this is where things get strange. At some point during his airport adventure, Flair got a nasty cut on his forehead, and witnesses say it was bleeding heavily: “It was dripping down from his head to his neck. A significant amount of blood.”



Officials inside the airport have confirmed that the former wrestler was treated for a cut on his head; however, they refused to say how he got it.

Ric’s agent told TMZ that her client was not drunk…

While it is true Ric Flair and his buddies have been keeping airport bars in business since the 70s that was not the case at all in Boston. I just hung up with Ric, he is already on the flight and all is good.

Hm, for some reason that makes me feel less comfortable. If alcohol wasn’t the reason for his zombie-like behavior, WHAT WAS? IS THIS HOW IT BEGINS? IS THE APOCALYPSE HERE?