WATCH: Kanye West Fires Bodyguard for Talking to Kim Kardashian. The Bodyguard Tells His Side and It’s Good! (Video)

Steve Stanulis is no slouch.  He’s been on security detail for many notable celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Tobey Maguire.  The 42 year old is a former Staten Island police officer.  He’s married and is a father of three.

Not to say that all of the above makes him less likely to hit on Kim Kardashian, but it helps sell his side of the story.

Stanulis had “Kimye” duty 15 days this year so he is accustomed to Kanye’s behavior.  He says this week  he was fired by Kanye after Kanye saw him approaching Kim while the couple was getting ready for the Met Gala.

He was not only fired, he was left stranded at the hotel while the couple went to the event without notifying Stanulis that they had even left.  He sat down with the Dailymail and explained that first he was just told that his job for the next day was cancelled.

He was scheduled to escort the couple to Teterboro airport but was told that he was no longer needed.

He still thought he was going to do security for them as they attended the Gala at the Waldorf but while he was waiting for them to get ready, they slipped away and left him stranded.

In the interview he describes how Kanye never spoke more then two words to him and is basically a self-absorbed piece of crap.  I think we can all totally believe that.

While Stanulis comes across genuine, the bodyguard also has an angle of his own. (Doesn’t everybody?)


Steve Stanulis