Selena Gomez Debuts New Song ‘Feel Me’ And It’s Probably (Most Definitely) About Justin Bieber! (VIDEO)


It looks like the love between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will never die. The two pop stars continue to write songs about each other, even though they claim to hardly talk anymore.

Selena kicked off her exciting Revival Tour in Las Vegas on Friday (May 6) and she surprised fans with a new song titled, Feel Me. And the song opens with some powerful lyrics that are obviously about the Biebs: “No one loves you like I love you / I never cheated, never lied / I never put no one above you / I gave you space and time / And now you’re telling me you miss me / And I’m still on your mind / We were one in a million / Our love is hard to find.

Damn, Selena. You didn’t leave much mystery there! Just straight up putting your feelings out there. It’s an interesting move, but fans of Jelena shouldn’t look at this and think, “OH MY GOSH! THEY’RE BACK!” for several reasons. Number one being we don’t know when she wrote this song. She might not feel the same way, she could be in a different space right now.

And number two, it just helps to write things down and get things off your chest. It doesn’t mean she’s going to act on the feelings, but it’s just like, “Hey…this is how I feel. It sucks. Let’s move on.”

In any event, you can watch her perform the song in the video below. And you can watch her sing the song in person if you have tickets to one of her many shows across the United States. She’ll be on tour through July.