How Much?! Kaley Cuoco, whose Big Bang Contract is worth $72 Million Ordered to Pay Ryan Sweeting After Only 21 Months of Marriage!

after a career ending back surgery and a later subsequent injury.

Ryan had a bad history with drugs.  He was arrested in 2006 for a DUI and possession with the intent to sell but was seemingly over the “drug thing” when he met Kelly.

When the drug issues surfaced again along with a couple of failed attempts at rehab, Kaley had enough and called it quits.  Smart Girl!   With no children involved and an iron clad pre-nup, there was no need to stick around and waste her good years…and good eggs for that matter.


Hellz Yeah – After this bum fought for spousal support, Kaley has been ordered to pay out a very small amount.  Her CBS contract for the Big Bang theory is $1 million per episode for 72 episodes, so there was a lot up for grabs and she basically gets to keep all of it.

She keeps their house in Santa Barbara and also the $5.5 million house she brought from Khloe Kardashian.


Sweeting, who is only worth $2 million will get $165,000 for getting his stuff and moving out.

She will also pay the $195,000 bill that Sweeting amassed for  two personal trainers during the marriage and he gets to keep all “cash and gift certificates”.  I guess, basically everything he had in his night stand drawer.

Kick Rocks!

Drugs must be a powerful things.  Sweeting  couldn’t kick the habit to save his marriage to a super-hot, super rich Hollywood Bombshell.

Just Say No To Drugs Indeed!!

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