Who Knew? Angie Martinez Reveals in her New Book, The Time She Actually Put Hands On Wendy Williams.

Angie Martinez has apparently felt the need to write a book.

She has had a high profile radio career for a very long time and has crossed paths with Hip Hop and R&B royalty so she certainly has material.

This isn’t like Snooki putting out a book after two seasons of the Jersey Shore.   Angie has met, interviewed, hung out and smoked with artists and industry icons like Tupac, Jay-Z, R Kelly, Mary J Blige….and the list goes on and on.

angie15n-3-webAngie Martinez and Tupac back in the day

You can imagine, she has many stories to tell, probably many of which shouldn’t be told.

In her memoir titled “My Voice” she writes about Mary J Blige lending her money, her smoking crack by a mistake and Jay Z and R Kelly coming to Hot 97 to give an impromptu interview at 2 AM after fighting and ending a concert at the Garden.

All those stories are great but there is one incident that is revealed in the book,  that is getting a lot of buzz.

The story about how she actually put hands on the 5ft 11 inch Wendy Williams.

Most people know Wendy now from her super successful television show, but those in the NY area know her from her radio start.  Wendy has always been Wendy, but she was “Extra” when she was on the radio.

She was keeping things real back when keeping it real wasn’t right…and she knew it.

Wendy’s entire persona at that time was revealing dirt on people, getting them to get upset and then doing it again.  It was almost your fault if you expected that you were going to tell Wendy something and not expect the entire Tri-state area to find out about it.

Yeah, it pissed off a lot of people but Wendy is worth $60 million, Martinez is worth $2 million.   Angie probably has a lot more friends in the industry but Wendy can buy new ones.

If getting money was Wendy’s motive…guess what?  It WORKED.

At one time, Wendy’s Syndicated show was doing 12 million people a day.  Those are big numbers.


This all went down back when Wendy worked at Hot 97. Wendy had a website back then and after finding out about Angie’s relationship with Q-tip from a Tribe Called Quest, she wrote,

One of my co-workers is dating Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Oh well. I guess some women like men who like men.