Florence + the Machine Holds Private Concert For Teen In Hospice Care, Check Out The Emotional Duet Inside (VIDEO)


We are a gossip site, which means we have to report a lot of bad news. Deaths, car accidents, failed marriages, meltdowns, etc. It’s our job to bring you the drama, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and focus on the good in the world.

And today we’re able to do that, thanks to Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine. Not only is she an amazing singer, but she’s also an amazing person. She and her band performed in Austin, TX, last week, and a 15-year-old superfan had tickets to watch the show. Unfortunately, her illness prevented her from going, and she was obviously a little disappointed.

But the disappointment didn’t last long. Florence decided to make a special appearance at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House. She performed a private concert for the girl, and it was a truly heartwarming moment. You expect to feel a little sad while watching a video like this, but honestly it’s more inspiring to me.

I mean, look at how happy this girl is. It just goes to show you how important music/art is. It shouldn’t be about the money and the awards. It should be about this. Putting a smile on someone’s face, even when they don’t want to smile.

Enjoy the video below…