Yo, Malikheads! Zayn Malik Is Now Single After Ending His Relationship With Gigi Hadid!


One day after we discovered Taylor Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris had ended, we are now hearing that T-Swift’s best friend, Gigi Hadid is also going through a split.

Zayn Malik and Hadid first made their relationship official back in November of last year. So, for around seven months, they were going strong. But that has all ended, and sources say their romance was filled with arguments and trust issues.

And apparently, they have secretly broken up a few times before this. One source tells E! News, “During her birthday they were fighting. [They have] broken up and got back together a few times.” It looks like this time they might be finished with each other for good though.

The photo you see below was taken earlier this week. It shows Hadid eating lunch with Kendall Jenner, and you can see that she looks a little depressed. It certainly looked like an intense conversation.


She got that, “I’m just gonna sit here and stare at nothing while my best gal pal talks sh-t about my ex” face going on. I bet Kendall was talking all kinds of trash about Zayn.

Anyway, it definitely appears Hadid is struggling with this breakup more than Zayn. You can see the signs. Last week, she posted an old photo of herself with Zayn hiding under the covers. She captioned it, “Missing you,” which makes us wonder if their busy schedules played a role in this split.


Sad stuff. But hey, at least they’re still super rich and attractive! I’m pretty sure once you become a millionaire, someone in a black suit stops by your house and gives you secret pills to cope with difficult situations.

  1. Heartbreak pill
  2. Forgot to record favorite show pill
  3. Stepped in dog poop pill
  4. My finger accidentally poked a hole through the toilet paper as I was wiping my butt pill
  5. My coffee isn’t strong enough pill
  6. I still can’t believe Taylor Hicks won American Idol pill