Chris Brown Harshly Responds to TMZ After They Post A Viral Video Of What Looks Like Brown “Stomping” A Fans Head. (Both Videos)


Take a look at the video in slow motion.  I actually took the liberty to upload a slowed down version.  It looks like Chris is trying to step over the guy and might have clipped him in the head.  There is clearly a lot going on, but there is no “STOMP”.

The guy in the Blue on stage is trying to help Chris by grabbing his arm.  Chris stumbles and then just wants everyone off of him.  That’s why he pulls his arm loose and it appears Malik might have been trying to grab his foot.

Chris’ back is completely turned to the crowd so there was no intent on attacking a specific person.  At the very last moment in the video (1:09 second mark) Malik can be seen on the ground and people are trying to step over him.  It’s as if he tried to grab Brown’s shoe and fell backward.


As you can see I have either way too much time on my hands, or I want to make sure we are trying to keep things real.  As it’s 4:37 AM, keeping things factual is clearly my motive.

Let’s see if this Malek makes a real statement?  Was he really a bodyguard like Chris claims?  Or a groupie trying to grab a Chris Brown shoe?  Probably a bit of both.