Is One Of Justin Bieber’s Close Friends Trying To Date Selena Gomez? Get The Details Inside

Credit: Paul Zimmerman // Getty Images

Credit: Paul Zimmerman // Getty Images

The Jelena romance received a little spark of energy earlier this week when Justin Bieber followed Selena Gomez on Instagram. It was big news on social media, and it made many fans wonder if the former couple were trying to secretly work things out.

Well, things are getting more complicated now. 24-year-old Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. has reportedly developed a close friendship with the Biebs recently. They have been hanging out together a lot in Los Angeles and “respect” each other’s talents. Sources add that they love playing soccer together or listening to music, which is convenient since one is a soccer player and the other one is a musician.

But their bromance might have been tested the other night when Selena was spotted hanging with Neymar in New York City. They were seen leaving the same hotel within five minutes of each other. Insiders say they enjoyed a night of clubbing together.

What does this mean? Is Neymar trying to get himself a red card in the sport of bro-code, or is he simply trying to put in a good word for Justin?

Here is what one source told

Neymar definitely thinks Selena is stunning, but he wouldn’t break bro-code with Justin and try and date her. Neymar would never betray Justin and pursue anything with Selena. He’s just too good a friend.

I love how these reports never seem to care about what Selena wants. They just assume she’d want Neymar if he wanted to get with her. WHAT IF SHE’S THE PLAYA? MAYBE SHE DOESN’T WANT THEM!

She’s got over 83 million followers on Instagram. She’s making over $400,000 during each stop on her Revival Tour.

She don’t need no man.