Russell Wilson And Ciara Are Officially Married, Check Out The Beautiful Photos From Their Ceremony In England!


It’s time to put all the potentially deadly drama with Future in the trash for now. Ciara and Russell Wilson are walking on rainbows and sunshine right now. After tying the knot in a freaking breathtaking wedding in front of family and friends at the Peckforton Castle in England, the two stars celebrated with their fans on Instagram by posting the photo you see above.

And for those wondering what this castle looks like, well…it looks like a castle. A really neat castle that I probably wouldn’t even be allowed to enter.


There were a few stars invited to the wedding, which reportedly had around 100 people in attendance. Jennifer Hudson was there, and she posted photos of herself getting ready for the big event on her Instagram. Kelly Rowland was also there, but surprisingly Serena Williams was not part of the fun.


She had planned to be a bridesmaid, but she was forced to cancel due to a Wimbledon semi-finals match. There are no hard feelings though, a source told E! News that Ciara was understanding…

Ciara was understanding and knows Serena would be there if she could. They have spoken today and have FaceTimed each other, so it’s like Serena is in the room with all the girls.

For those who don’t remember, Wilson proposed to Ciara back in March of this year while they were on a vacation. And yeah, the ring is probably worth more than your house. It’s probably worth more than your life. If you and Ciara’s ring were inside a vehicle that was about to be swept away in a flood, the rescue team would save the ring and let your a** die.


Congrats to the happy couple!