Fans Of Selena Gomez Are Freaking Out Because She Kissed Another Girl On Snapchat…WHAT DOES IT MEAN? (VIDEO)

Selena and Sue.

Sue and Selena.

Believe it or not, Selena Gomez has never been in a relationship with another woman. We know there was that awkward time several years ago when Justin Bieber briefly looked like a 40-year-old lesbian named Sue, but we’ve been told that doesn’t count.

It’s been strictly dudes for Gomez; however, after the video you see below was posted to Snapchat earlier this month, some of her fans are beginning to wonder if their 23-year-old idol swings the bat for both teams.

The “other woman” you see in the clip below is Ruby Carr, one of the three members of the group Bahari. They are the opening act on Selena’s Revival Tour, and it looks like they have been having a lot of fun together…



As you can see, the kiss wasn’t exactly the most passionate kiss you will ever see. It’s the kiss you give to a date at the end of the night when you want to let them know you appreciate them buying the $25 tiramisu after dinner, but you’re still not going to let them shove their disgusting tongue in your mouth.

But still, fans of the singer freaked the Gary Busey out on Twitter…




It definitely doesn’t appear she was doing it to be edgy. There was absolutely nothing edgy about that kiss. I’ve seen more passionate kisses during family reunions.

So yeah, stop freaking out. It’s all going to be okay. Selena and Ruby aren’t dating. If she’s dating anyone, it might be this fan