Chris Brown Shuts The Taylor Swift/Kanye West Feud Down With Some Truly Bizarre Instagram Comments


Several celebrities have shared their opinions on the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The battle that has somehow managed to stay alive for seven years. Even when Swift and West claimed to be friends, we all knew it was for the cameras.

The pretend friendship is all gone now. As you all should know, Kim Kardashian released several clips on her Snapchat the other day that made Swift look like a little snake. The clips make it clear West did ask for Swift’s approval before releasing his Famous track.

Of course, Swift had her own response to the drama, claiming it was the “bitch” line that upset her and West never mentioned anything about that particular word being used.

Honestly, it’s all a bit silly. Even Chris Brown (who is the king of drama) is getting tired of hearing about the great war of 2016. He went on his Instagram account the other day and wrote several comments about the feud. He even commented on Swift’s message on Instagram directly.

“Oh NO…Someone said something I don’t like, OUCH, MY P—Y HURT. Make music and shut the f–k up.”


But this is Chris Brown we’re talking about here, so you know his comments didn’t end there. He continued his rant by comparing celebrity feuds to a high school debate team, and then he took a shot at Pokemon Go…

BETWEEN POKEMON (which I love) and this FAKE A– CELEBRITY HIGHSCHOOL DEBATE TEAM, our values or even our regular lives are too consumed by bulls–t. ME INCLUDED, I just wanna see things from artists (celebrities) that actually f–king matter. I DONT NEED the press nor am I dropping an album next week.

I don’t disagree with him, I just wish he would find better ways to express his feelings. The “ouch my p—y hurt” comment is something a dude in high school would say, which is the sh-t he’s trying to argue against in his next line. You can’t act like a 16-year-old douchebag and expect people to treat you with respect.

But yeah, I dig the message hidden under the layer of misogyny.

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Chris Brown Reveals 25 Facts You Didn’t Know, Including That He Owns 14 Burger Kings! (Bonus: Pics of 2nd head Tat)


When it comes to Chris Brown, anything that is not related to getting arrested is good news. It’s been about a month and so far he has not found himself in any trouble, which according to my estimates might be a personal record.

He’s been traveling on his One Hell of a Nite Tour which is scheduled to last through September 19th, so I’m sure that is enough to keep him busy. I have to say, I’ve come 180 degrees in regards to Chris Brown so a story like this is refreshing.

Chris took time from his tour to talk with US Weekly. He put together a list of 25 things that we didn’t know about him.

I think it’s in bad taste and a professional courtesy not to copy the entire list least that’s why I think that the other bigger, dare I say, “more established” websites don’t’ do it. I guess I would be pissed too if Chris Brown gave me the list directly and a more popular, more entertaining, more engaging website just posted it and took credit for it. (You see what I did there?).

That being said, I have pulled out the few things that not only didn’t I know but I found worthy of some discussion.


I’m the only singer who has been incarcerated and had a No. 1 record at the same time.

While this might not be a bragging point per se, he might be correct. In 1995 2 Pac did it with Me Against The World and then Lil Wayne did it 15 years later with I am not a human being. Technically, they are not singers so Brown is correct. Bravo.


I was 13 when I got my first tattoo.

This explains a lot, including the most recent tattoo(s) on his head. I’m sure you saw the first one earlier this week, down below we have the 2nd, even crazier one.


I own 14 Burger Kings

At first I didn’t think owning 14 Burger Kings was that big of a deal for a superstar millionaire….but then I did a little digging. It’s a pretty big deal. According to Burger King’s website, you have to have (Read More)