Howie Mandel Makes Taylor Swift Joke While Presenting An Award To Calvin Harris, And It Was All Caught On Camera! (VIDEO)


Most of you probably know Howie Mandel as that bald guy from America’s Got Talent. Or maybe you remember him from Deal or No Deal. But before he became a reality TV show minion, he was a pretty successful comedian.

And on Saturday night, he reconnected those comedy wires in his brain and dipped his toes in the warm pool of celebrity gossip. Before the huge Caesars Palace’s 50th anniversary gala in Las Vegas, Calvin Harris was scheduled to accept the Future Icon award.

Mandel was the special guest host of this event, so when Harris walked on stage to accept the award, Mandel asked him, “That’s a nice suit. Who’s your tailor?” And like all the great comedians before him, he followed it up with, “See what I did?” Yes, we all see what you did, Howie. Turn around so we can pat your back and rub the top of your head.

How did Harris handle this potentially awkward situation? Well, he laughed it off and said, “You got that prepared. You had that one ready,” and then he talked about how honored he was to accept whatever pointless award he was receiving.

On a ~serious~ note…how is Harris doing since his split with Taylor Swift? As you all know, it wasn’t exactly easy for him watching Swift rub her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston all in his face.

But he’s doing better now, and he is reportedly getting close with R&B singer Tinashe, which is interesting because she is basically the opposite of T-Swift.

Just to be clear here, they are NOT dating yet, at least according to Tinashe. “I mean, I’m definitely single, so that’s all that we’re at right now,” she told E! News recently. “Right now” being the most important part of that quote. Give it a few weeks and they’ll be official.