Funkmaster Flex EXPLODES on Drake, Revealing Ghostwriting Details, After Drake Calls For Him to Be Fired! (EPIC RANT AUDIO)


I don’t think I have heard Flex like this since the time he had beef with Dame Dash.  Beefing with the Funky one is a no win situation.  He has a platform and he uses it to go on these epic rants during prime radio time.  It’s like sitting in the audience and trying to argue with a comedian.

You will get destroyed every time simply because you don’t have the microphone and they do.   This is one of those cases where Flex has the mic…and he’s not afraid to use it.


It all started from a simple joke that Ebro made.  It wasn’t a lie, it was just a joke. This past Wednesday Ebro told his Hot 97 audience that he had a private conversation with Drake and warned Drake that Eminem would be coming after his crown.  Ebro joked about Drakes alleged response.

Here is Ebro’s exact words,

“I told Drake that I heard the rumor was that Eminem was gonna gear up to come after him. And he laughed and he was like ‘That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him too.’

When things started to blow up, Ebro then hopped on twitter and admitted that he made the whole thing up.  He posted the following tweets:

“It was such a joke and people ran with it… Slow news day. Drake got too much respect for all that…”

 “Facts we was joking…Talked about in jest & fools jumped out the window. I ain’t even think it was a big deal

F—K HOT 97

Drake was feeling a certain type of way about the whole incident and referenced it during his first night playing Madison Square Garden.  The next morning news reports surfaced that Drake, got on stage and said, “F__K Hot 97”.  Complex media reported this first and everyone ran with it.

The problem was, there was no audio to support these allegations.  It was true, Drake did come for Hot 97, but he never said the exact phrase “F–k Hot 97Friday Morning, Ebro jumped all over Drake for the shots he did take at Hot 97 and Complex magazine for the false reports.

Apparently Complex staffers embellished the situation and they were forced to put out a retraction.  Ouch!



What was clearly said by Drake and heard by many was his reference to firing Funkmaster Flex.  Something we all knew that Flex would not take lightly.  And he didn’t. The Beef with Flex started nearly a year ago, when Flex posted this bomb on Instagram: (Read More)