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Update #2: Toya Wright’s First Interview After Brothers’ Death and Witness Comes Forward with Details of The Shooting

Josh and rudyThis is actually and update to our update.  This is one of those stories that people really want answers to. Although we may never know everything we are learning more and more regarding what went on during the sudden death of both of Toya Wright’s brothers.

If you are just learning that her brothers were killed, I suggest you get the details from our post when the news first broke.   To summarize here, Ryan “Rudy” Johnson age 24 and Joshua “Fish” Johnson age 31 were both shot to death inside their car in New Orleans.

Since then, we have been following this case closely.  A lot of the questions that people are asking are about Toya: “Where was she when this happened?”  “How was she notified”?,  “What did she do”?  She sat down with and gave us some of those specifics.   It’s pretty much what you would expect.

Wright explains that she was actually hosting a party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when she got the call.

“I got a call from my sister-in-law and she was like, ‘Your brothers just got shot’. The music was loud and I’m [thinking], this can’t be real.”

She said she immediately began calling family members but no one would pick up the phone.

“I guess they didn’t want to tell me what was really going on,”

Her sister in-law finally answered her call and told her that both of her brothers were still inside of their car and the crime scene was cordoned off.  She knew right there that they were dead.   She said,

“It was the worst news ever.  Murders happen every day and this is another dark night in New Orleans. You hear about stories like this all the time, but it doesn’t really hit you until you get that call. It hits so close to home.”

In regards to dealing with losing her brothers, Wright explains,

“I’m praying day and night because it hurts.  I really understand what it means to have a hole in your heart.”

Here was our first Update from the eye witness….

MORE DETAILS! Toya Wrights Brothers Killed in Deadly Argument. A Witness Not Afraid, Comes Forward Because He’s Moving Out of The Crime Infested Area


When the media caught up with Kemper, he was literally loading his stuff in a minivan.  He was just minutes from moving out of the New Orleans neighborhood in hopes to have a better quality of life.  Because he was leaving, he felt totally comfortable revealing what he knew of the fatal shooting that occurred early Sunday morning.

Kemper lives right near the intersection where the shooting occurred.  He said that after midnight he heard loud arguing.  He pulled back the curtain and looked out his window and said he could see several residents who lived in a group of brick apartment buildings, yelling at two people who sat in a black SUV.  (Read More)