Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Ended Things With Casper Smart Because He Ditched Her To Watch UFC 202 In Vegas


Casper Smart made a stupid mistake last weekend, and now he’s single because of it. You might have heard the reports earlier this week. Multiple sources confirmed that Jennifer Lopez ended things with Casper for the second time this year.

When the initial reports came out, no one knew exactly what caused this most recent split, but now more information is starting to dribble out and it looks like Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz are to blame. Sources say Casper and J Lo’s relationship had been rocky for a few weeks, and some serious sh-t went down on Saturday night.

You see, Lopez had to attend Ron Perelman‘s Hamptons fundraiser that night, and she told Casper that she really wanted him to be there with her. But Casper turned the invitation down because he wanted to go party with his friends in Vegas and watch UFC 202.

And even though he saw a terrific fight and got to hang with Kanye West and Bruce Buffer, we have to imagine he’s asking himself if it was all worth it now. TMZ claims Lopez ended the relationship that same night, which was something Casper didn’t expect because he was reportedly telling people on Saturday that he was leaving on Sunday to meet up with J Lo in New York City.


Of course, this isn’t the first time they have split. They’re like a high school couple. In two weeks, they’ll most likely be back together, although, UFC 203 takes place on September 10, so maybe Casper should wait until then to make things right.

But then you have UFC 204 in October…it never ends.