Serena Williams Attempts Twerking Session, Fails Miserably, And Now The Internet Is Roasting Her (VIDEO + Twitter Reactions)


Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player of all time. She’s the best at what she does, and that should be enough for the internet. We should respect this living legend, but we’re a bunch of ungrateful douchebags who love finding a weakness and attacking it.

And unfortunately for Serena, her weakness is quite clear. She is terrible at twerking, or really just doing anything remotely seductive with her ass. She tried her best in Beyonce’s music video for Sorry, and honestly she would have been okay had she stopped there. The high production value and clever editing made her moves acceptable.

But something terrible happened the other day. The 34-year-old athlete tried to twerk out in the wild, which was a huge mistake as you can see in the video below…



It’s a good thing she was in a club setting while doing this, ’cause without context, one might think she was having a medical emergency. People would have been pulling out their phones to dial 911, as opposed to pulling out their phones to record a clip for Snapchat.

The ~twerking~ went viral this week, and the fine folks on Twitter have been talking all kinds of smack. Here are some of our favorite comments…









That last tweet tho’