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Chris Brown Arrested! The Alleged Victim Speaks on TMZ Live and All The REAL FACTS! (Video and Details)

I guarantee she’s got a fat check from Harvey in her back pocket.

Think about this…if someone kicked you out of their house with a knife or a gun to your head, but you left and had all of your belongings would you call the police, or would you just never deal with that person again.  You would thank God you got out of there with your life but unless they had something of yours, or physically assaulted you (punched, kicked, brusied, pushed) then you would most likely leave it alone….unless you wanted something more out of it.  

I think Baylee got a little more than she bargained for. Both with the actual event that occurred and then the over reacting of the police followed by the media.


Normally when something so high profile happens, people will make their Instagram account private until the hoopla dies down. Not Baylee. Not only is her account public, it’s popping. Her account is literally flooded with comments from Chris Brown fans and none of them are telling her how cute she looks in her outfit.

She is being attacked on every single picture. Comments are coming in by the 100’s and I have literally not seen a nice one yet. I’m sure she did not predict that it would be this bad.

To get a small taste at just how bad…have a look.

Baylee curran

Baylee Curran i

Baylee Curran i22And my favorite comment:

Hope ya boat get hit by a plane and when that shit explode ya body fly up in the air and land back on land where ever df u at then a car hit u and u flyon train tracks then a train run u over and u get mauled by a bear

Brown is already back home.  He posted the $250,000 bail which is literally CHUMP CHANGE for Chris.


She definitely got more than she bargained for.  Ooops.

Told y’all!?☕ Via @tmz_tv The woman claiming Chris Brown pulled a gun on her is wanted in NYC for questioning in connection with criminal theft … for allegedly stealing a fancy designer purse at a swanky hotel. The incident could be significant in the Chris Brown case, because alleged victim Baylee Curran claims a certain piece of jewelry that caught her eye triggered the events that led to her 911 call. Baylee was vacationing with a few friends at The Plaza back in 2013 when they began arguing in the hotel. According to police docs, Baylee snatched a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse from one of the girls and ran out of the hotel. The purse contained $200 in cash, as well as credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet. Security chased Baylee, who allegedly dropped the purse but somehow fled with the contents. By the time cops arrived Baylee was long gone. There’s a warrant of sorts — it’s called an I-Card — which will allow NYPD cops to pick her up and take her to the station for questioning, if they find her in the city. Apparently, the incident was bad enough that the alleged purse-snatching victim got a restraining order against Baylee from an L.A. judge. Baylee’s rep tells TMZ she had no idea New York City cops wanted her for questioning. She also claims her friend was the thief … not her.

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