How Much Are The Kids From ‘Stranger Things’ Making Per Episode? We Got The Details Inside, Plus Look At The Second Season Preview!


If you haven’t watched the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, you should cancel all your plans for today and watch the show. I’m being serious. I don’t even want you to read this article. You can come back to it after you finish the first season. You shouldn’t drink, eat, or use the restroom until every episode is watched.

Those of you who have watched the show know that the talented cast of young actors steal every scene they’re in. The two most popular members of the cast are probably Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin)

The internet can’t get enough of them. In addition to being adorable and incredible actors, both Gaten and Millie have beautiful voices. You can check out a 10-year-old Millie (when she still had hair!) singing Adele’s Make You Feel My Love, and Gaten shocking everyone with an amazing performance of Bring Him Home from Les Misérables.




It’s clear both Millie and Gaten could ask for the moon and Netflix would probably give it to them. But what about the other actors? What about Noah Schnapp? He played the missing Will Byers in the show, and even though he wasn’t in as many episodes as the rest of the cast, he still received a nice paycheck for his work in the series.

According to TMZ, Noah was paid $10k per episode for season 1, with 5 episodes guaranteed, which means he earned at least $50k. However, he likely earned more than that because he’s credited with 7 episodes. His contract states that if they bring him back for season 2 (and they will) he will make $20k per episode.

And as you can see in the teaser video for the second season, there will be a total of nine episodes next year. So, if he starred in all nine episodes, he’d be making around $180k. That’s not a bad paycheck for someone who is only 11-years-old.