50 Cent’s Baby’s Mother ROASTS Him On Social Media After He Posts Child Support Countdown Clock. Reveals How She Took Care of Him like a child Before the Record Deal.

The beef between 50 and his son is known and came to a head when 50 missed his graduation last year.

The feud  was rekindled when 50 posted a Countdown on his Instagram page.  This is a countdown to when his son turns 21 or when 50 has to stop paying child support.  PETTY!! But that is why we love Fif.

His son then replied as you can see, at the bottom of the post.


Now I thought Marquise’s response was petty good; however his mom’s response was even better.  Shaniqua jumped in and basically blew up the entire spot. Ouch.


Then took it to twitter.

50-tweet-1 50-tweet-2

Did she have to retweet the gorilla with rabbit teeth comment.


Fans are on both sides of the argument..as can be expected.


intellectualdeannaWhat is so wrong about this? His son is about to be 21… that’s it. He doesn’t have to financially support an adult. And yes it would be ideal for him to reunite with his eldest but unfortunately so much has happened.

His “baby mama” seems so vicious and nasty. What kind of woman would publicly post and pick on a child (Sire) about lack of motor skills and not talking (when he was younger)…and how she expresses herself…I’m sorry…you can just tell she has brain washed 50s oldest son. It’s called parental alienation and it’s powerful.

sophias2niceSome mothers take advantage of that child support! 50 wasnt targeting his son. ? Man oh man the scrutiny and judgment people pass on the rich and famous. I hope his baby momma does get a job!!! So 50 can save his hard earned money!!



ms.jummaie@50cent I’m not going to bash u, I don’t have the right. But no matter what your first baby mother did to you it doesn’t make it right to insult your son in that manner. Of course he choice to go with his mother, he took her side over yours. It’

onlywithspringWhy do you have to hurt your child with this vindictiveness? I understand not liking the mom, but you are making a deep wound here, your indirectly calling him a burden to you. That shit is painful. I know.

BTW – the post has just been removed!!  That’s why we use screen shots instead of embeds!

I say it’s savage, but that’s 50.   We all like 50 because he’s gangster, so when he is gangster we shouldn’t be surprised.  We all liked Mike Tyson because he was an animal but we got bent out shape when he bit an ear. 

I expect 50 to come back even harder…That’s why we love him.


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