Watch Beanie Sigel Get Literally Knocked Out By Meek’s Boy ‘Teefy Bey’ For Siding With Game & of Course Game Responds! (Crazy Video)


UPDATE: SEPT. 29 2016 – ->Beans Jumps on Taxstone’s podcast and Explains what happened.  After you watch the video here, go here to listen to Beanie explain what happened and why.  It’s like a soap opera! But Beans did drop some major Jewelz!!< < – –

Things are really starting to get out of hand.  Like, really out of hand.

Chapter one of the beef can be summarized >>here<<.  All the deleted social media posts, and all the diss tracks in one place.  That story is still getting thousands of hits per day.  Since we posted that Russell Simmons has come forward to ask Game and Meek to chill…that hasn’t worked.  Nothing has.

The beef is not only now fully cooked, Beanie Sigel has found himself caught in the middle.  That’s not the only thing he caught…he caught a right hook that had him picking himself up off the floor.  Actually he was out cold, someone else was trying to pick him up.


We all celebrated the return of the Broad Street Bully on Meek’s Ouuuu dis track.  We all thought Meek and Omelly came super-hard on their versus.  Meek’s verse was what we all expected Meek…until Beanie Sigel hinted that it wasn’t necessarily Meek.

He implied that he had a hand in it.  As you will see, implying it, is just as bad as saying it.  You meet the same consequences so you might as well just come ight out and say it.

During a radio interview Sigel was asked how he got involved on Meek’s track.  This is what Beans had to say,

[Meek] didn’t say nothin’ to get me on the track.  I just happened to come in the studio, so I just was helping him out with some lyrics, and the situation kind of played out like it did.”

“It’s really no beef, especially between me and Game. Me and Game got a good relationship. Had one for years. So it’s not me and Game’s beef.  That’s The Game and Meek Mill beef. Basically, I’m just representing for my city. That’s it.”

Then they asked Beans if he helped write the track and Beanie said,

“I don’t want to put that out there like that or discredit nobody for their skills or nothing.”

Here’s the clip


So what happens….during the bad boy Reunion concert, somebody knocks Beanie Sigel out. Cold! The best part is TMZ has the footage.

You don’t actually see the hand connecting with the jaw, but you do see Beans sprawled out on the ground and what looks like Teefy Bey (one of Meek’s boys) being thrown out of the arena.