We found Keith Murray! And it’s not good. His Mugshot Photo is Crazy and We have the Backstory. Sort of.

There are some speculating that this photo was from his prior arrest when he hit someone with a barstool.  He received a 3 year sentence for that and turned himself in on October 26th.  Fans thought maybe that’s why the photo is dated October 30th with no year.

However, that hairline suggests that Murray is quite a bit older.  That was in 1998 and we have seen Murray quite a few times since then and from the looks of that baby George Jefferson, this is a 42 year old in this photo.  Here is  photo of Murray from 2015.

082615-shows-hha-cypher-2015-def-squad-redman-erick-sermon-keith-murray-3After some serious trolling, rumor has it that Keith got into a fight with a big white security guard.  It has not been revealed, who got the best of who, but so far two sources corroborate the fact that he was jailed recently for fighting.

One source is semi-credible ( and one source is actually a comment from Instagram.  You laugh, but Instagram comments are right more times than not.

Remember these are just rumors.  We maintain a high level of credibility and when we don’t have two or more credible sources we say a rumor is a rumor.  I’m not above posting rumors, but it’s important to call a spade a spade.

 BTW – how annoying are those quizzes on allhiphop?? I know you can bypass them but bruh….I’m just trying to read some gossip.

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In case you missed the battle…..

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