Rare Interview From 1992 Shows Tupac Talking About Donald Trump And Greed In America…TAKE NOTES! (VIDEO)

Back in 1992, when Donald Trump was just another rich dude, his name was dropped by the late rapper Tupac. As you all know, Tupac is considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, but more than the music, people connected with him because he wasn’t afraid to talk about the real issues.

He spoke the truth, even when it wasn’t a popular thing to do. In this rare interview from 1992, Tupac talked about greed in America. A problem that has only worsened in recent years.

During the start of the interview, Pac drops Donald Trump’s name, “Everybody’s taught that. You wanna be successful? You wanna be like Trump? Gimme gimme gimme, push push push push, step step step, crush crush crush. That’s how it all is… It’s too much money here.”

But that’s not the portion of the interview you should be focusing on. Trump’s name being in the headline might have made you click the link, but it’s important you listen to the entire interview. His message is still relevant today.

“For us to be on our own two feet — us meaning youth, us meaning black people, whatever you want to take it for — for us to be on our own two feet we do need help… it’s like, you got a friend that you don’t never look out for. Now America got jewels, they’re paid and everything. Lending money to everyone except us. And it’s like, everybody needs a little help on their way to being self-reliant.”