So, Uh, Shia LaBeouf Took On The “5 Fingers Of Death” Freestyle For Sway In The Morning, And He Freaking Murdered It (VIDEO)


Is there anything Shia LaBeouf can’t do? That’s the question the internet is asking after the 30-year-old actor dropped by Sway in the Morning and was asked to do the 5 Fingers Of Death challenge. A challenge that has left some “real” rap artists looking silly.

UPDATE:  On Facebook I said that Shia Bodied the challenge.  I don’t think people really understand how hard the 5 Fingers of Death challenge really is.  Actually some people don’t even know WHAT IT IS!

The challenge is simple, Sway plays 5 beats and the artists just freestyle over them; non-stop.

Even rappers whose whole entire lives revolve around rapping, struggle greatly.  Watch Omelly’s struggle flow:

That was just painful!  This is why I say Shia bodied it!

Sway eased into the situation by bringing up Shia’s 2pac and Missy Elliott tattoos, and after a brief discussion, Sway threw Shia right in the fire. And to the surprise of almost everyone, Shia did not go down in flames.

This is wild, this is a childhood dream,” he said before going straight into his freestyle. It starts off a little shaky, but then his peak flow is reached and he shuts everything down like it’s Christmas.

You have to check it out. The good stuff starts at around the 2:00 mark.