Are Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Already Over? Reality Star Posts Long Message About “Letting Go” Following Breakup Rumors


We all know Khloe Kardashian loves professional basketball players. She’s partnered up with more NBA players than Nike. We’re not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t seem to be working out for her. All of her relationships seem to fail.

She has been dating her latest boo, Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson, for a few months now. Their relationship was first confirmed in September. It seemed like things were progressing at a healthy rate for the two stars, but the past week or two has been rocky.

Rumors hit the internet last week, claiming Thompson decided to end things with Khloe because his teammates were making fun of him. They were allegedly calling him Tristan Kardashian.

“Everyone was [teasing] Tristan calling him ‘Kardashian’ in the locker room. It’s messed up. Because I think [Tristan] really cared for that girl.”

After the split rumors started spreading, Khloe went on her Instagram account to shut that sh*t down. She posted the photo you see below, with the caption, Good American ? y’all are funny. Always remember, Happy hoes ain’t hatin and hatin hoes ain’t happy!”

And most important, she tagged Tristan’s name on her booty.


But now it looks like that tag has been removed just two days later, and Khloe’s latest Instagram post has everyone wondering if a breakup really did happen.

Khloe posted a long message to her followers about letting go and putting yourself and your happiness first. We got the full message for you…


She could be talking about anybody here. A family member, friend, employee, or possibly a lover. Maybe the rumors damaged their relationship and they both discovered it wasn’t worth fighting for.

Or maybe they’re still going strong. Either way, Khloe will be okay. There are plenty of single ballers in the league.