WATCH: Cam Newton Gets Pulled Off Bus By Coach To Learn He Will Not Be Starting For The Silliest Reason Ever (VIDEO)

It’s not often we see private moments between coaches and their players, but thanks to a sneaky cameraman at a hotel in the bay area, we have video of an awkward moment between Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and his QB Cam Newton.

You see, most teams have silly dress codes they must follow while traveling from city to city. We’re not sure why the league/owners want to treat their players like 10-year-olds, but it’s just the way things are. One of the rules for players is that they must wear a tie on travel day.

Well, during the Panthers’ travel day on Saturday, Newton got on the team bus without a tie on.

When Rivera saw this, he pulled Newton off the bus and had a private conversation with him. During the convo, he informed Newton that he would be starting the game on Sunday on the bench. And the coach kept his promise, Newton did not start the first series of the game.

You can tell how annoyed Newton was. Look at his face before he turns around to get back on the bus…



After the game, Cam told reporters exactly what happened, “I didn’t follow dress code, and Coach told me I wasn’t going to start. I stand by his decision.”

So why wasn’t he wearing a tie? He didn’t think it would look good with his outfit, which is exactly how a grown ass man should dress himself. He should wear whatever the Gary Busey he wants.

Who are these dress codes for? They’re not for the fans. I’m 100% sure no one has ever been like, “Wow. Did you see that group of NFL players? They weren’t even wearing ties. I’m never supporting them again!’