WOMAN SCORN! Rickey Smiley is Not all Smiles; Secret Girlfriend Puts him on Blast, Claims and Proves He’s Emotionally & Physically Abusive (Receipts)

A woman who claims that she is Rickey Smiley’s ex-girlfriend has put all his business in the street and it’s pretty messy.

This isn’t the first or second time that Rickey has had his image tarnished.  There were emails released from his rscomedy@yahoo.com email account that referred to a few bisexual encounters and him being with multiple women and referring to them in a super-disrespectful manner.  But we have short memories.  That was three years ago and we’ve since long forgotten.

With his morning show, stand-up comedy, reality show on TVOne and more than a few websites; we are over-fed this squeaky clean, God fearing, good nature’d, funny-man image of Rickey.

Squeaky Clean Image!

It’s burned into our brains like a song by “The Weekend” that you don’t like being played on the radio repeatedly until you believe it’s your favorite.

We can’t imagine him being anything else…..until now.  From this email and these text messages that were leaked, good nature and God fearing couldn’t be further from the truth.

This woman goes by the name of Bridget.  Although in the text messages (found at the end) you can see that she’s not wrapped too tight either.

She should have left him alone a long time ago, but then again, he’s worth $5 million.  I know women who put up with 100 times more from men who are worth a thousand times less.

First the letter and then the texts…..the letter is super long (but interesting in a “petty” sort of way, but that’s why we are here), then the text screen shots reveal just how angry and cruel Rickey is. Wow!  Enjoy.

I met him back in April of 2014 at his Radio station in Atlanta, Ga.  We dated for a while; on and off for about two years. in July 2014, I moved in with him. December 2014, I moved out and we have been seeing each other until now.

I’m writing this letter because I have gotten to the point in my life where I am tired. I am an honest loving person and I have dealt with the craziness and accusations of this man. When I met Rickey I fell in love with him and was taken away by his “humbled” spirit. l didn’t now, all of this was an act just to reel me in like bate and to be taken advantage off. I had no idea……. <<NEXT PAGE FOR REST OF LETTER AND SCREENSHOTS>>