Another Celeb Couple Bites The Dust? Check Out Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Post That Has People Believing She And Meek Mill Are Done!

Just two weeks before Christmas, it looks like Minaj and Mill may have ended their relationship. The 34-year-old rapper posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account the other day.

She posted a photo of blue Chanel slides, which were a gift from her celebrity wardrobe stylist, and she captioned the photo with lyrics from Beyonce’s breakup song, Best Thing I Never Had.

Now this caption by itself may not be enough proof. I mean, maybe her stylist really loves that song. Maybe it’s an inside joke.

However, there is another layer to these breakup rumors. Meek Mill deleted his Instagram account just a day or two before Nicki started blowing up her account with depressing posts.

She also posted this two days ago…

Certainly seems like there is something going on. Maybe they didn’t breakup, but Mill is certainly not sucking on her feet right now.

Maybe Meek didn’t like the way Minaj was treating that mentally ill woman. I know I’d be pretty disappointed if my girlfriend was laughing at some poor lady on the streets.

Although, that’s just wishful thinking. I’m sure they’re fighting over something stupid, like, Mill got her regular Oreos from the store and she wanted the ‘Mega Stuf’ version.

Not cool, Mill. Not cool.