Trey Songz Loses His Mind During Concert, Destroys Stage And Gives A Police Officer A Concussion (MUG SHOT + VIDEO)

2016 is not ending well for Trey Songz. He was performing in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena and he was feeling himself all night, and from the sound of the video above, the crowd was feeling him too.

But his set was going on for too long. An employee at the venue told Trey he would need to leave the stage or else his mic would be cut. That’s when the 32-year-old singer told the crowd he would Gary some Busey up if they silenced his mic.

Watch the video above before reading the next part of this article.


As you can see at the end of the video, Trey was destroying things on stage as a police officer followed him around. During his rampage, he hit a cop with a piece of stage equipment and one Detroit police sergeant left the venue with a concussion.

It’s still not clear if Trey was trying to hit the officer or if it was an accident. Either way, things don’t look good for the artist, because even if that first hit was an accident, the second attack definitely wasn’t. Reports say he punched an officer who was trying to arrest him and gave him a concussion.

He was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer causing injury and one count of aggravated assault. TMZ claims Trey was mute during his arraignment, so the court entered a guilty plea on his behalf. The judge set his bail at $25,000.

It’s a pretty messed up situation. There were other performers (Chris Brown, Lil Yachty) who were set to go on stage, so it’s not like this was a Trey Songz concert.

Dude needs to chill.