Respect: Keke Palmer Stands Up to Wendy Regarding Her Comments About the Trey Songz Incident. Of Course, Wendy is not backing down either (VIDEO)

I have to give both of these women respect.  After the two exchanged pleasantries Keke was able to get serious real quick and confront Wendy on the comments Wendy made regarding the incident with Trey Songz.


If You remember, Keke made a video saying how hurt she was when Trey Songz put her in his video, allegedly, without her permission. According to Keke’s video rant, she refused to be in the video several times and even hid in the closet while waiting for her Uber to arrive to avoid being on camera.  Then she was shocked to see that when the video did air, she was still in it.

Here is the original video that Keke made, telling everyone what happened.

Many found her being overly dramatic and some found Trey Songz being petty.

After it happened, Wendy discussed it on her show, basically saying that Keke was crazy and she could have easily just left.  Here is the clip of Wendy basically siding with Trey Songz. She feels that Keke had way more power over the situation then she portrayed.  Here is the snippet:  (Yes, the snippet – we are getting our editing chops up)