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Sheree Whitfield’s Son Makes his Modeling Debut and the Internet is Going Wild. BONUS! Watch Wendy Williams & Producer Norman Shade Sheree’s Ex in this HILARIOUS CLIP!! (FUNNY AF VIDEO)

First things first.  Sheree’s son has grown up to be quite the model.  Sheree herself is undeniably beautiful and at age 47 she is still turning heads.  From the looks of things, it appears that the apple didn’t’ fall too far from the tree.

The first and what would be the last time we saw her son for a while, was when he was just a young kid.  There were definitely no signs of him being a model at that point.  He was about as average as you can get.  Good looking kid, but nothing spectacular.

Then this happened.  Kairo Whitfieled grew up.  We saw a glimpse of the older Kairo during the episode when Sheree was talking to him about his DUI.

But during a recent photo shoot for US Weekly fans were super impressed at the good and the internet went wild.

See for yourself.

It’s also clear that he has been hitting the GYM!  [ CLICK NEXT TO SEE THE BOD!!]


Wendy is hilarious.  Even in giving a compliment, she throws shade.  That’s just who she is, take her or leave her.  And with a networth of over $60 million dollars, it appears many people are taking her.

I don’t want to set the clip up, because part of the hilarity is figuring out the SHADE, but when you do and see how they do it, is just hilarious.  Enjoy!  THE SHADE IS AT THE VERY END!