Watch Jennifer Lopez And Jimmy Fallon Battle It Out As They Make Up Ridiculous Dance Moves On The Spot (VIDEO)

When Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon get together, it’s always a good time. You might remember their ‘Tight Pants’ sketch back in 2014. The video has over 30 million views, which is pretty incredible considering how silly it is.

The two stars teamed up again this week. They had a dance battle, but of course there was a little twist. All the dance moves had to be made up on the spot. They were forced to pick cards out of a bag, and then try their best to do the dance on the card.

For example, the first one Fallon picked out was, “putting on skinny jeans,” so you get the idea. The suggestions got even sillier after that.

You had the “washing machine on spin cycle,” and the “hot cowboy” just to name a few. It’s good stuff, and the perfect video to get you ready for the weekend.

Side note: Still no real update on the Drake/JLo romance. You can click on this link for the latest information.