Emma Needs A Nanny: Ellen And Emma Watson Team Up To Prank Unsuspecting Woman In Hilarious Video

We like to keep things light on Friday. It’s all about putting you in a good mood for the weekend, and no one does that better than Ellen DeGeneres. During her show today, Ellen had on Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson.

And Ellen decided to bring back one of our favorite segments. We’re not sure if it has an official name, but we’re going to call it, “Ellen in your ear,” because we’re not creative at all.

The prank is simple. Ellen makes her celebrity guest say (and do) ridiculous things in a hidden camera prank. In the latest skit, Ellen made Emma interview someone for a nanny position.

“Emma Watson is going to interview a nanny, but the nanny isn’t for her kids because she doesn’t have any kids. The nanny is for her.”

And you can just imagine how strange the interview got. At one point, Watson pulls out a giant lollipop and begins licking it as she is talking to herself in a mirror. For a few seconds, it gets really creepy.

Watch the hilarious video below…