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Keke Palmer Shares Photo Of The Food Inside Met Gala, And Uh, It’s Not Pretty!

Keke Palmer had the difficult job of hosting the live red carpet event at the 2021 Met Gala last night. She was standing in an uncomfortable outfit, trying to think of words and catch phrases to fill up hours of airtime. She made it look easy, but we are sure it was exhausting.

Throughout the live event, she kept talking about how she’s looking forward to seeing the inside of the super private Met Gala party. And perhaps more importantly, she was looking forward to the food.

Well, after her hosting duties came to an end, she went inside and shared a photo of her plate of food, and uh…WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?

She captioned the photo, “This why they don’t show y’all the the food,” but then added that she was just playing.

I don’t think she was playing though. I think she had to include the “just playing” so that whoever runs the Met Gala didn’t hire someone to kill her.

And if you’re thinking, “It doesn’t look that bad. Some fresh vegetables and a tortilla!” THAT AIN’T A TORTILLA…THAT’S JUST A WEIRD ASS LOOKING PLATE!

According to the insiders, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson challenged 10 New York chefs to create a sustainable plant-based menu for the gala. The result was an assortment of dishes that heavily featured fruits and vegetables.

Guests first noshed on passed canapés, including collard greens hot chow on coconut buttermilk cornbread, black rice porcini arancini with pumpkin Calabrian chili sauce and watermelon tart with smoked yuzu soy on a panipuri cracker.

Look. I’m all for plant-based foods and sustainability, but I hate it when these huge, ridiculously expensive and grossly wasteful insider events try to act as if they care about the world. How sustainable were all the outfits? Or all the private jets carrying these celebs to the event?

Nah, man. I’m not buying it. Don’t cut corners with the menu. You might as well go all out. Give people a whole ass cow. I want to see Kim Kardashian walking out with a cow next year.