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Sources Say Pete Davidson Is Not Worried About Kanye West Trying To Get Kim Kardashian Back

We all know Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are “fully on” right now. He’s even in California spending time with the Kardashian family during Christmas. There were photos earlier this week of Pete driving around Kim’s car to go jewelry shopping.

But of course, Kanye West doesn’t believe in the romance. He still thinks he’s going to win his estranged wife back. He has made several public pleas and claims that Kim is still his wife.

How does Pete feel about this?

Pete is not worried about Kanye trying to get back with Kim. He’s very laid-back and understanding.

Damn. I bet Pete is the one who sent this story out. He’s basically telling Kanye that he ain’t a concern. That’s a pretty balla’ move.

Sources also add that Pete’s mother really likes Kim and thinks she’s very sweet. So they both have met the parents now.

According to insiders, Kim and Pete really hit it off on the SNL set. They say there was some casual flirting going on…

He was a true professional the whole time they rehearsed and in between takes, but afterward things got flirty. They exchanged numbers and Pete asked if Kim would like to hang out sometime, which she agreed to straight away. SNL was their first real one-on-one opportunity to connect.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t see them lasting past Spring 2022. BET ON IT… IS VEGAS TAKING BETS ON THIS? They really should. Betting on celebrity relationships could bring in big money for those who don’t care about sports.