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An H&M Store In NYC Shuts Down After Employee Leaks Photos Of Bugs Crawling Over Hoodies

If you got a hoodie for Christmas from H&M, you may want to inspect for bugs. An H&M store in New York City has been temporarily shut down after an employee leaked some pretty disturbing photos.

The photos were shared on Wednesday via Twitter. The caption read:

I work at the H&M in the Oculus at World Trade & today a customer discovered lice on a rack of hoodies. They’re not closing the store nor are they notifying employees of the problem. The section was just blocked off.

Check out the gross photos below…

Yikes. We’re not sure how she knows they’re “lice” — I don’t think the type of insect has been confirmed, but if they are lice…EVEN BIGGER YIKES!

Obviously the tweet went viral and the company announced they were closing the location to investigate, although they claim it’s “out of an abundance of caution.”

The girl who leaked the photos claims that was her last day working for the store, “I’m resigning because I hate it here,” she wrote. She also apologized to her store manager, as she didn’t expect her tweet to blow up like it did. She also revealed her co-workers thanked her for sharing the photo.

It’s not clear if the hoodies arrived at the store from the warehouse with bugs already on them, or if their store is infested with creepy crawlies. Either way, they need to figure that sh*t out ASAP.

This is why I shop exclusively at Walmart.