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Cody Simpson’s Sister Alli Is Lucky To Be Alive After Breaking Neck Diving Into Pool

You all probably know about Cody Simpson. The Australian singer/model/actor has been in the headlines a lot throughout the years, most notably for his serious relationship with Miley Cyrus. They’re no longer an item, but they were hot and heavy for a bit.

Cody’s sister, Alli, is also a singer/actress, though not as popular as her brother.

In any event, Alli Simpson had the scare of her life on New Year’s Eve in Australia. She was rushed to a hospital down under after diving head first into a shallow swimming pool. She hit her head against the floor of the pool and ended up breaking her neck.

She had two severe fractures in her neck, and according to the doctors treating her, she just missed f**king up her spinal cord, which would have left her paralyzed or even dead.

Insiders say doctors aren’t performing surgery on her yet, but she will have to live in a neck brace for four months. She can’t take the thing off. And to make matters worse, she was tested for COVID-19 while inside the hospital, and she was positive.

She wrote the following on her social media pages:

Sometimes life can take a big turn in the blink of an eye. For me, 2022 is not off to a great start… a broken neck (plus a positive COVID test) Long story short: I dove into a shallow pool head first and hit my head on the bottom on New Year’s Eve. I [had] X-rays / CT scans and an MRI to find I have two severe fractures in my neck (C6 and T1)

I am extremely lucky to be alive and/or not quadriplegic as it just missed my spinal cord… the way I see it, four months is a drop in the ocean when it comes to the rest of my happy and healthy life.

She also gave her fans some advice, telling them to never dive into anything when you don’t know its depth, which is pretty solid advice.

For me, I won’t be diving into sh*t. I’ll drop a few toes in it, maybe stick my legs in, get my kneecaps a little damp, but no more than that. Never more than the kneecaps.