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Fans Believe Kim Kardashian Deleted Recent Bikini Photo After Being Called Out For Photoshop Fail

The Kardashians continue to push unrealistic body standards, making teens and young adults hate their bodies and develop eating disorders, while Instagram caters to their every move.

Kim Kardashian is the latest suspect in her family. On Monday, she posted several photos of herself modeling her latest collection of swimsuits.

And in one of the photos, you can clearly see there was a major Photoshop fail…

Kim deleted the photo in record time. Even more incredible, Instagram allowed her to delete just the one photo, while keeping the others up, so that she didn’t have to lose out on the over 5 million likes.

What’s crazy is that we all know the other photos are heavily Photoshopped as well. It’s just they were better handled. And you have all these people in the comments hyping her up, like, “Your body!!!!”

Which okay, whatever. I’m all for body positivity…AS LONG AS IT’S ACTUALLY YOUR BODY! I mean, what are we praising here? Computer skills? “Oh my god, your body looks perfect because it was literally made to be perfect in Photoshop?”

It’s super strange to me. And women see this and think, “Why doesn’t my body look like that?” and the simple answer is because you don’t have millions to spend on plastic surgery and a professional editor for every photo you post online.

Call me a hater if you must. I DON’T CARE!