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Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst Dies At Age 30 Following Suicide In New York City

Some extremely sad news to report today. Cheslie Kryst, the 2019 winner of the Miss USA pageant and a correspondent for ‘Extra‘ has died at the age of 30.

And the details are pretty gruesome. According to police in New York City, Kryst jumped out of her Manhattan apartment building and fell to her death. She was pronounced dead at the scene early Sunday morning.

Her body was found at around seven in front of the Orion building, a high-rise with sixty floors. In addition to winning MISS USA, Kryst was also a successful attorney who sought help to reform America’s justice system.

She reportedly left a note behind, saying she was leaving everything to her mother.

The note did not provide a reason for the suicide. Her final Instagram post, which was posted just hours before her death, included the caption, “May this day bring you rest and peace,” which makes you wonder if she was in search of that and believed this was the way to get it.

Her family released the statement below:

In devastation and great sorrow, we share the passing of our beloved Cheslie. Her great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. She cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined. Cheslie embodied love and served others, whether through her work as an attorney fighting for social justice, as Miss USA and as a host on EXTRA. But most importantly, as a daughter, sister, friend, mentor and colleague — we know her impact will live on.

No word on what sparked this. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. It seems like even her friends were shocked by this.

In March of 2021, Kryst wrote an essay in Allure, where she talked about fears of aging and chasing accomplishments…

Each time I say ‘I’m turning 30,’ I cringe a little. Sometimes I can successfully mask this uncomfortable response with excitement; other times, my enthusiasm feels hollow, like bad acting. Why earn more achievements just to collect another win? Why pursue another plaque or medal or line item on my resume if it’s for vanity’s sake, rather than out of passion? Why work so hard to capture the dreams I’ve been taught by society to want when I continue to only find emptiness?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family.